ProxyFS Introduction

ProxyFS Introduction

ProxyFS is a hierarchical file system that provides integrated file and object API access for data stored with an object storage back-end.


Not a Gateway

Rather than using a gateway to provide file-based access, ProxyFS is directly integrated into the core of OpenStack Swift object storage to enable direct AWS S3 and Swift object API access. This makes it compatible with its corresponding projects for S3 API and public cloud synchronization.

Multiple Modes of Access

ProxyFS supports SMB and NFS along with AWS S3 and OpenStack Swift object protocols. This enables filesystem clients to mount and read/write data that is simultaneously read/write (GET/PUT/etc) accessible to object API clients.

Full Filesystem

ProxyFS is a full filesystem. It is not filesystem-like. Full filesystem operations are supported such as rename, move, growing files, modifying data, etc.

ProxyFS is designed to support filesystem-based applications that could benefit from leveraging cloud storage platforms.

Modernize Workflows

ProxyFS enables file-based applications and workflows can coexist with new applications that leverage object APIs such as AWS S3 / Swift API and integrate with public cloud services.

Many workflows (and users!) that have increasing storage needs that are rooted in the expectations of current filesystem access. However, these workflows could benefit from the architecture and capabilities of object and cloud storage.

ProxyFS enables the integration of object storage into existing file-based workflows / applications while at the same time supporting object APIs for newer, “cloud native” applications.

ProxyFS allows the same data that is accessed by S3 and Swift API accessible by a Filesystem API. This provides a bridge to allow data services for both existing applications and new applications.