Access Modules & Interfaces

Access Modules & Interfaces

In this section we will discuss the various access methods for ProxyFS.


Local filesystem access – FUSE

ProxyFS includes a FUSE module to provide a local filesystem capable of being mounted on the system upon which a ProxyFS process is running.

NFS Access – nfsd

The local FUSE mount point can be configured in conjunction with an nfsd to export the filesystem volume via NFS.

ProxyFS API – JSON RPC interface

In addition to providing a FUSE module for local filesystem, ProxyFS includes a direct interface for other system components to more directly interact with a volume. This interface is utilized directly for SMB access via ProxyFS’s Samba VFS module. The Swift Proxy server processes also leverage this API for direct access to the filesystem metadata tree for object API (AWS S3 and Swift) access.

SMB Access – ProxyFS Samba VFS

ProxyFS provides a Samba VFS module written in C that integrates directly with the Samba server processes. This module is provided in a separate repository called proxyfs-vfs. A ProxyFS JSON RPC client is provided in a separate repository called proxyfs-jrpc-client.

The ProxyFS Samba VFS module utilizes the ProxyFS JSON RPC interface for direct access into ProxyFS for a given volume.

Swift ProxyFS Middleware

The Swift Proxy server is an interface to the object back end. The Proxy server is responsible for the public-facing API requests for AWS S3 and OpenStack Swift APIs. Much of the API functionality is provided through Swift extensible middleware capabilities.

ProxyFS provides object API access through a set of middleware which interfaces with the APIs provided by the ProxyFS JSON RPC interface.

This interaction is similar the ProxyFS Samba VFS module, however only filesystem metadata is exchanged – not file data.